death care industry

the many establishments that provide a wide range of services and products for use in the ritualized disposal of  human remains.

synonyms: funeral industry, death industry

Note: The death care industry has various components in addition to services such as preparation for burial, funeral conducting, and cremation. Peripheral activities also include monument making, crematories, casket and urn manufacturing, production of memorial merchandise, pre-need sales, funeral software design, cosmetics, floral arrangement and many others. The scope of the services provided by death care industry is nearly endless so as to give the bereaved to customize the ways in which they wish to symbolically represent the lives of their loved ones.

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industrie de services funéraires

établissements dont l’activité principale est reliée aux rituels de la disposition des corps.

synonymes: industrie de soins mortuaires, industrie de la mort

Note: Ceci inclus la préparation des personnes défuntes pour l’inhumation, l’organisation des funérailles, les services de crémation et autres.

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