Hello, I’m Cassandra Laroche-Yankey. I’m a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in French-to-English translation from Concordia University. This blog was first started as a class project and has since evolved into an effective tool for honing my writing and research skills.

When people learn that my blog is entirely devoted to the semantics of death, the first question they usually ask—whether out loud or with their eyes—is “Why?”

As most teenagers are wont to do, I had a goth phase. It was the year nineteen-*cough cough,*my hair colour had gone through every possible hue imaginable and The Matrix had made wearing a black leather trench coat a must for obnoxious, gloomy children such as myself. I had recently been disabused of the notion that I would be young forever and was consequently obsessed with discovering exactly what would happen to me. No Alta Vista link (all 10 of them) was safe from my prying eyes.

I found the research to be equally comforting and terrifying. In my quest for knowledge, I came to realize that death is not a malicious figure, lying in wait in the shadows for tragedy to strike. Death informs life; it defines who we are as human beings. The practices we choose to mourn our loved ones reflect our attitudes towards life. Furthermore, the way they shift according to our changing beliefs, morals, and technologies gives us an interesting historical glimpse into the lives of the long dead.

This blog is less about exploring death than about exploring people. I hope you will find it as informative and interesting as I do.